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South African chromite powder

South African chromite powder

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  • Date of issue:2019-11-29
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Ferrochrome is an iron alloy composed of chromium and iron. Pakistan chromite powder is an important alloy additive for steelmaking. Chromite for smelting ferrochrome generally requires Cr2O340 ~ 50%, and the ratio of chromium to iron is greater than 2.8. Mass-produced "load-grade ferrochromium" containing 50% chromium, using Cr2O3 and ore with a low ratio of chromium to iron.

Ferrochrome is divided into carbon ferrochrome (including charging grade ferrochrome), medium carbon ferrochrome, low carbon ferrochrome, and microcarbon ferrochrome according to different carbon content. Commonly used are silicon chromium alloys, iron chromium nitrides, and the like. Iron chrome is mainly used as an alloy additive for steelmaking, and it was added in the late stage of steelmaking. For smelting low-carbon steels such as stainless steel, low- and micro-carbon ferrochrome must be used, so the production of refined ferrochromium was once developed on a large scale. Due to the improvement of the steelmaking process, when producing steel grades such as stainless steel by the AOD method (see Out-of-furnace refining), carbon ferrochrome (mainly charge-grade ferrochrome) is used to load the furnace. Carbon ferrochrome adjusts the composition, so the focus of ferrochrome production is to make carbon ferrochrome.

Carbon ferrochrome is smelted in a reduction electric furnace, using coke as a reducing agent and silica or bauxite as a flux. The slag composition is generally 227 to 33% SiO, 30 to 34% MgO, 326 to 30% Al2O, and Cr2O3 <9.0%. Due to the formation of chromium carbide, the product contains 4-9% carbon. The capacity of a modern reduction electric furnace for smelting ferrochrome is 10,000 to 48,000 kVA. Generally, a closed fixed type is used. H / ton. Electric furnaces for smelting silicon-chromium alloys are similar to ferrochrome reduction furnaces. There are two methods of smelting, one-step and two-step. One-step smelting with chromite, silica, coke and flux. The two-step method uses carbon chromium iron, silica, and coke as raw materials for slag-free smelting. The smelting process is generally similar to ferrosilicon production. Smelting electricity consumption of 3000 to 4000 kilowatts per ton? Around the hour.



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