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How to distinguish carbon chrome iron powder and ferromanganese


Today we will introduce how to distinguish the difference between ferrochromium powder and ferromanganese powder: Pakistan chromite powder

Ferromanganese is used as a deoxidizer and alloy additive in steelmaking. It is the most used iron alloy. Manganese ore for smelting ferromanganese generally requires manganese to contain 30-40% manganese, the ratio of manganese to iron is greater than 7, and the ratio of phosphorus to manganese is less than 0.003. Before smelting, the manganese carbonate ore must be roasted, and the fine ore must be sintered to form agglomerates. Ores with high iron and phosphorus content can generally only be used in combination, or low iron and phosphorus rich manganese slag can be obtained through selective reduction. Coke is used as a reducing agent during smelting, and some plants are also equipped with lean coal or anthracite. The auxiliary raw material is mainly lime, and silica is usually added when smelting manganese-silicon alloy.

Carbon chromium iron powder is divided into carbon chromium iron powder, medium carbon chromium iron powder, low carbon chromium iron powder, micro carbon chromium iron powder and so on according to different carbon content. Commonly used are silicon chromium alloy, chromium iron nitride powder, and so on. Iron chrome powder is mainly used as an alloy additive for steelmaking, and it was added in the late stage of steelmaking. For smelting low-carbon steels such as stainless steel, low- and micro-carbon ferrochrome powders must be used, so the production of refined ferrochrome powders was developed on a large scale. Due to the improvement of the steelmaking process, when producing steel grades such as stainless steel by refining outside the furnace, carbon chromium iron powder (mainly charging grade chromium iron powder) is used for the furnace, so only low-level and micro-carbon The composition of ferrochrome powder is adjusted, so now the focus of ferrochrome powder production is refining carbon ferrochrome powder.



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