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Add ferrochrome to the electrode


Ferrochrome plays a very important role in the production of welding electrodes. So, at what step will ferrochrome be used? When adding calcium to the ladle for deoxidation. Chromite powder. At present, adding calcium to the ladle to supplement deoxidation is one of the most effective measures to overcome the effects of secondary oxidation. However, the calcium-containing materials and the adding method are very important. Many foreign welding plants have tried adding CaC2 to the ladle, and the results are not good. There are also steel foundries that put silicon-calcium alloy into molten steel when tapping. Because the alloy floats on the surface, the yield is very low. When silicon-calcium alloy is added to the package, the alloy floats on the surface of the steel slag.

The most common method is the silk feeding method. The iron chrome powder wrapped with the iron sheet is inserted into the molten steel through the steel slag, and the silicon-calcium alloy can be melted in the molten steel in less than 3 seconds.

The role of calcium in steel has been discussed previously. The amount of calcium added per ton of steel is about 0.3kg. After the wire feeding method, the macro inclusion defects on the castings were reduced by an average of 40%. The silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium alloy has strong deoxidation and desulfurization capabilities, and plays an important role in changing the shape distribution of inclusions in steel, refining grains, improving the processing performance of steel, and improving the quality of steel.

The use of new silicon-aluminum-barium-calcium alloys has a more significant effect than the use of single alloys such as aluminum blocks and ferrosilicon alone, which improves the comprehensive utilization rate, reduces the cost of steelmaking, and has better economic benefits. Silico-aluminum-barium-calcium is different from chrome-iron powder. It is suitable for deoxidation in various forms of steel training, especially for converter deoxidation. It has a strong deoxidation and desulfurization effect, which can improve the flow performance of molten steel and solve the problem of nozzle connection Scar problem. Reduce gas in steel and reduce steel inclusions. The main principle is that the calcium in this product can be a deoxidation product that becomes the bottom melting point of the steel and is easy to float. With or without desulfurizing agent.


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