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Brief introduction of chromite powder price


High carbon ferrochrome refining method is divided into high carbon ferrochrome with chrome ore and high carbon ferrochrome with oxygen. When chrome ore concentrate is used for high-carbon ferrochrome, the refining slag has a larger viscosity and a higher melting point. For Pakistan chromite powder, the smelting process temperature must be higher. Therefore, the power consumption is high, the life of the furnace lining is short, and the carbon content is not easy to fall. Blowing high-carbon ferrochrome with oxygen has great advantages, such as high productivity, low cost, and high recovery rate.

The traditional production method is electro-silicone. Electro-silicon heating method is to reduce the oxides of chromium and iron with silicon in a silicon-chromium alloy under the condition of making alkaline slag in an electric furnace, thereby preparing low-carbon ferrochrome.



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