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Is a manufacturer that develops and produces high-voltage electrical separators

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Anshan Wanshun Mineral Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Tiexi District, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. Is a professional research and development, production of high-voltage electric separator manufacturers. The company has production plants specialized in the production of chromite and tungsten-tin separation production plants. It is two production lines configured by the company's own high-voltage electric separator. The electric separator is used to separate the chromite and tungsten tin production lines.

The company covers an area of 12,000 square meters and has 58 employees. There are 6 technicians, 2 senior engineers, and 2 senior beneficiation engineers. The company has a beneficiation laboratory; a beneficiation production line; a machining workshop; a riveting workshop; an installation workshop, which has integrated R & D, design, testing, and production. In terms of beneficiation, the company's beneficiation laboratory can perform full-process production simulation on various minerals, and design production processes for customers based on test data. The company's chromite production plant can produce and process chromite in various countries. Such as South Africa, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Madagascar, Vietnam and other countries chromite powder. Especially for processing South African chromite, our factory has the ability to produce super low silicon (silica below 0.5%). In tungsten-tin separation treatment, white tungsten can reach 73%, and the processing capacity can reach more than 2 tons per hour. It is unique in extracting rutile minerals. The company headquarters is located between Anshan Station and Anshan South Station on the Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, and it is only 5 kilometers away from Anshan Airport.

The company is based on integrity; quality first, reputation first as its business philosophy.